The works for the stop of the Repsol Tarragona plant have been finished

Depisa, a leader company in anticorrosion treatments, has successfully accomplished the paint works at the Repsol Industrial complex in Tarragona during this summer stop.

The company was the only awarded company of all the works of surface preparation through dry abrasive blasting and coating application for the protection against the corrosion of the interior walls of the affected ovens, machinery, heat exchangers and other elements from the plant.

The award of the procurement of the maintenance operations for all the involved areas in the stop shows the trust deposited by Repsol into Depisa. This kind of maintenance stops are periodically scheduled for the evaluation and the preventive maintenance of the plants units.



4.500 m2 treated in one month

In this project, more than 4.000 hours have been invested, concentrated on July. Depisa established a shift system to enable 24 hour service, seven days a week to fulfill the schedule. More than 4.500m2 have been treated using more than 80 tons of abrasive. Once the works have been finished, Depisa has received the gratitude and appreciation from Repsol for the good involvement of the responsible people for the prevention during the stop.