The repair of the ARTS Hotel structure, one of the most complex projects made by Depisa

Depisa is carrying out the maintenance process of the outer structure of the ARTS Hotel in Barcelona, an emblematic building on the waterfront, being the sea the main responsible of its damage.

Highly qualified staff from Depisa is working there in the maintenance of the outer metal structure aimed to avoid corrosion along with keeping the image and aesthetics of the building in good shape.

This project brings in some special considerations, says the responsible for Depisa projects in the Barcelona area, Jonathan Santana: It’s the first project in a hotel like this faced by Depisa. ARTS Hotel has some singular and exclusive architectonic characteristics.

The main difficulties come with the height of the building that makes inevitable the exposition of the workers to adverse climatic conditions, like the wind or the sunrays reflected on the building windows that difficult the vision of the workers. To avoid this situation, the daily scheduling is essential. It is not rare to check the weather forecast twice a day. The position of the sun is taken into account to decide the work place.

On the other hand, this project requires maximum discretion in order to avoid the guest’s sense any nuisance. It also requires absolute quality in the finishing, without defects and perfectly clean.

The ARTS Hotel was built in 1991 by the US architect Bruce Graham. Its 44 storeys and 165 meters of height on the waterfront where the sea is the main agent responsible for damage on the steel structure that covers the four sides of the façade of the building.


A high altitude work

To achieve the best result, Depisa has assigned this project to its rope access work experts. The experts prepare the steel surfaces using mechanic wireless tools. Then a four layer coating paint work is done. The products used for this job are aluminum epoxy primer followed by high thickness polyamide epoxy for the intermediate layer, finished by polysiloxanes.

The security is, as usual, key to Depisa. The involved workers have been previously trained in labor risks, rope access works, vertical progression and the use of electrical elevating gondolas.

Some additional specific security devices are been used, as personally adapted rail elevators, harnesses with double hook with life line, vertical progression helmets, fall proof tools and sun protection glasses. All these elements warranty the security of Depisa staff and the hotel guests.

The end of the project is foreseen to march 2017. It means more than two years dedicated to the careful process of restoration of the emblematic ARTS Hotel.