The challenge of assembling scaffoldings in deposits with a large number of pipes and valves

Mekanotub is proposing an innovative solution to be able to access all the industrial gas deposit surfaces

Mekanotub Scaffolding Solutions has successfully completed the scaffolding works for several industrial gas deposits in the Barcelona area.

The access to all the deposit surfaces, between 10 and 12 metres in height, posed a major technical challenge. The team of specialists had to use a range of cutting equipment and design an optimal scaffolding layout to be able to avoid the high number of pipes and valves between 0 and 2 metres high.

For this project, the latest developments in safety and space-covers from the LAHYER manufacturer were used, around 30 tonnes in total. The works began in May 2019 and ended a month later.

Mekanotub Scaffolding Solutions met the strict deadlines imposed by the client and complied with safety requirements for the scaffolding assembly and the special characteristics of a production process in a sector as demanding as the pharmaceutical industry.