Target: reducing the painting and maintenance process on tanks with the most advanced technologies


Companies in any industrial sector try to avoid having their assets out of service, so every maintenance, repair o painting action needs to be performed on the shortest possible time.

A precise and carefully planned and coordinated action has to be carried by the different specialists responsible for the project. The aim is to minimize down time, reduce costs and avoid accidents.

Depisa Coating Solutions introduces itself as an industrial corrosion protection specialist since 1969, with an accent on the training of the qualified staff and the development of new tools and techniques for project management and planning.

Depisa introduces improvements in work planning and in basic painting processes, highlighting the most appropriate surface preparation and the use of automatic blasting machines. All of this with the added value of working with tools and processes environmentally sustainable.

Additionally Depisa provides state-of-the-art techniques in polyurea application to the base of the tanks, in order to avoid leaks between the bottom and the supporting bench of the tank that cause external oxidation, besides many other ways of preserving the tanks from aging.

All of this is part of Depisa’s identity, achieved after 50 years of hard work and the will to pursue a continuous quality improvement process. Depisa is credited as a reference provider in countries like Spain, Portugal, France, The Nederlands, Morocco, Algeria, Reunion Island… and projects its future operations in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Panama and Peru.