SIASA takes part into the reformation of the Monforte de Lemos

The reformation of the Monforte de Lemos (87 m length and 18,8m width) has been a major engineering task, with several specialized companies involved. SIASA has been focused on the anticorrosive treatment of the processing plant pipes, the surface treatment of the heliport structure, and all the fire control pipeline treatment.


SIASA has also cleaned and painted the boat hull, tank-coating, disposal of the tanks, cleaning and restoration in fitting out zones, surface treatment and finishing paint work in outer decks and support elements for pipe rack. Additionally, fireproofing of structural elements and blasting od surface through extra-high-preasure.

En su trabajo, Siasa ha utilizado maquinaria específica para la recogida y recuperación de abrasivos, extractores de polvo y gases, deshumidificadores, bombas de aspiración, silo de recogida, tolvas de alimentación y arenadoras, bombas de ultra-alta-presión y equipo plural de aplicación de protección pasiva.

SIASA has used specialized machinery for the collection and recovery of abrasives, dust and gas extractors, dehumidifiers, suction pumps, collection silo, feeding hoppers and sandblasting Machines, ultra-high-pressure pumps and a plural pasive protection application group.


This SIASA operation has been covered in the Marina Civil magazine (p 152-153) in a thorough report (p.141) dedicated to the reconstruction and reformation of ships. Follow this link to read the full article.