SIASA starts the anticorrosive treatment of 4 oil tankers SUEZMAX in Cádiz

SIASA has started the anti-corrosion treatment of 4 SUEZMAX vessels (2 bows and 2 sterns) at the Navantia Puerto Real shipyard (Cadiz), a project that is expected to be completed in November 2018. The works include treatment of live work, Dead-end, outer shell, ballast tanks and cargo tanks, as well as engine room and different tanks and spaces.

The treatment is divided into two phases. During the first (Cabin Phase), the ship is built by blocks and these are treated in spray-paint booths. In the second phase, (Pre-Assembly and Dyke) the different blocks are joined and the finishing is carried out in the different zones. The Siasa team assigned to the project will vary depending on the planning and the overlap of the vessel.


Project general data.

  • Overal l length (LOA)                                    274,000 mts

  • Length between perpendiculars                    266,00 mts

  • Beam                                                             274,00 mts

  • Height to main deck                                      16,00 mts

  • Punctual                                                         23,70 mts

  • Cargo tanks                                                   175,000 m3

Soluciones Reunidas is a business group that brings together Depisa, Siasa, Asturblast and Mktub. Siasa is its specialist in anti-corrosion in the naval sector and Asturblast focuses on shot blasting, industrial painting, felling and pruning of electric transport lines. Depisa, its flagship company, adds 45 years of experience and is a market leader in anti-corrosion treatments for the Oil & Gas, Generation and Distribution sectors of Energy, Mining and Industry in general.