Project at a height of 60 metres without conventional access

Depisa specialists are designing a solution for performing the works safely and to save costs

The challenging part of this project has been creating an access and elevation system for maintenance work on pillars and in tanks safely and saving costs compared to other options.

Specifically, the job at hand involves changing the corporate image for several plants belonging to a gas sector multinational located in Spain. For this, Depisa specialists with IRATA certification have prepared the surface and painted pillars and tanks with heights of 60 and 38 metres without conventional accesses.

The project’s success stems from planning different means of access and elevation. The technical workers, through vertical progression, analysed the installation required and fastening points, as well as the subsequent load study to certify the most efficient and safest way of performing the work.

Depisa is a specialist in vertical works and has undertaken similar projects for corrosion protection in other work centres, safely providing an access solution at heights for infrastructures such as chimneys, torches, furnaces, communication towers, electricity pylons, roofing, etc., saving costs compared to other means of access.