New DEPISA facilities in A Coruña


The new Nostián workshop, located in the nearby of the REPSOL refinery, is specialized in blasting and painting, and allows Depisa strengthen its position as one of the main Repsol providers in A Coruña, offering a high efficiency door to door service to the local metalmechanic industry.

The new Nostián facilities occupy a surface area of 2.200 m2 and are equipped with latest technology to provide quick and adequate answer to the market needs. The new Nostián workshop is specialized in blasting and painting, besides fireproofing, fiberglass and carbon repairing, and cryogenic cleaning. Actually, in Nostián workshop, any kind of solution for restoration and protection of any support can be found.

Both the service and the facilities are designed to be environment-friendly, reutilizing abrasives and adequately treating waste materials.

Depisa is a family run company that offers a wide range of solutions in treatments against corrosion for the oil&gas, electric energy generation, building, ship repairs and industry in general . Founded in 1969, is based in A Coruña, Asturias, Andalucía Madrid, Barcelona, Tarragona and Castellón. The last 2 years is operating in North Africa from Morocco, in the Middle East from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, and in Latin America from Panama and Peru.

As Oscar Ferreon, CEO of Depisa, states, “the Depisa international expansion does not affect key projects as the A Coruña workshop”. He actually highlights “Galicia has been historically a strategic area, not only due to the prominence of their customers, but due to the projects deployed”.

In Galicia, Depisa has run projects as the cryogenic cleaning in Grupo Abengoa’s Bioetanol Galicia, the conservation and improvement of the Galician motorways, and the may-june stop at the Repsol refinery in A Coruña. Depisa has also take part in the restoration of the maritime control tower in A Coruña, in the process of painting the refrigeration towers for Endesa, in the environmental integration at Reganosa, through the decorative painting of their tanks, in addition to waterproofing hospitals and all kind of industrial facilities.