Mekanotub’s scaffolding at the TERSA plant in Sant Adrià de Besòs draws to a close

Mekanotub Scaffolding Solutions has successfully completed the Maintenance Project ‘Global Paint 2019’ scaffolding works for the waste treatment and sorting installations near Barcelona.

To perform these works, material from the LAYHER manufacturer has been used, with a total of 100 tonnes, employing the latest safety components and innovations.

Work began in early May 2019 and drew to a close in August.

To implement the project, scaffolding was erected in the structures located at over 40 metres of height to undertake anti-corrosion maintenance works on the different surfaces.

The complexity and technical challenge of the assembly lay in the construction of overhanging scaffolding over 40 metres high to be able to access the whole grated lower structure and beams supporting the elevated sections.

To perform these works, operators with over 15 years of experience in industrial scaffolding were deployed, and strict deadlines and quality/safety standards were complied with.

The Integral Waste Recovery Plant (PIVR) in Sant Adrià de Besòs is a comprehensive treatment installation for the municipal waste from the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB).