MekanoTub begins the works of the assembly of scaffolds to build the 4 new towers of the Sagrada Familia


The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) has begun the construction of 4 of the central towers, designed by Antoni Gaudí to represent the 4 evangelists. For this, the technicians of MekanoTub works on the assembly of scaffolding that will surround the towers.

The work start at 77 meters high and will advance, following a modular construction, to reach 112 meters. Altogether, the parallel construction of the 4 evangelist towers, which will be extended for 4 years, will require up to 200 tons of scaffolding. In 2017, 2 levels of the expected 13 will be set up.

With the construction of the evangelistic towers, the Sagrada Familia enters the last phase of the work projected by Antoni Gaudí, which is expected to be completed in 2026.

""Basílica de la Sagrada Familía / Pep Daudé

MekanoTub, quality service and specialization

Since January 2016, MekanoTub is in charge of assembling and disassembling all the scaffolding material of the basilica. The company is part of the Soluciones Reunidas group, which acquired the scaffolding unit of Mecanotubo and was awarded the Sagrada Família contract. This large project requires more than 170 tons of scaffolding each year.

With the acquisition, Soluciones Reunidas increased portfolio services for the large industry, always with high quality standards and highly specialized technical staff.