Interview with Xavier and Oscar Ferreon in La Vanguardia

 "We want to grow and we have resources to invest," stated the Ferreon family, affirming that in order to achieve growth, the company plans first and foremost to expand to France, Portugal or Morocco. Currently, projects abroad account for around 10% of sales.


In 2016, the group of companies, which includes Depisa, Siasa, Astur Blast and Mekanotub, had a turnover of €22.5m, and in 2017 expects to reach €26.5m. Altogether, it employs around 450 people and more than 80% of the workforce is made up of tradespeople. "Our strength is specialisation, which we achieve with our own staff", explain Xavier and Òscar Ferreon. Both noted to La Vanguardia the reasons that led to Soluciones Reunidas incorporating an internal training space in its new headquarters in Montcada i Reixac.