Interview with Miguel ángel Monroy, associated general manager of DEPISA in Barcelona, Tarragona, Castellón and Andalucía

Miguel Ángel Monroy started his professional career in Depisa more than 30 years ago as an official assistant, learning from the base the surface preparation techniques and anticorrosion coating application. He’s been through all the responsibility chain of the company and today he manages the operations and the career development of the key personnel of the business units.


– What are the main changes between the services offered by Depisa 30 years ago and today?

There are so many differences, mainly in technology and project management, but there is also a high professional specialization. On the other hand, we maintain our leitmotiv: compromise and vocation of service.

– The clients, what do they demand from Depisa?

Their main demand is a firm compromise in everything that worries them: security, quality, environment, scheduling, cost, social responsibility… This compromise generates trust. That is our philosophy. There are a lot of clients that we have been working along with for more than 30 years.

– What is the most valuable for the client?

I think they value specially that we share their goals, our proactivity, out initiative and our attitude when it is time to search for a solution.

– How do you see the future of the sector?

The last few years have been very tough ones. It has been a valuable opportunity to impulse some changes aimed to achieve excellence in our services, to improve and embrace new technologies, strengthen the relationship with our clients and improve and specialize even more our people. All of these are changes and improvements based in essential values for a brighter future.

– 30 years in Depisa… What has been the best?

Without a doubt, the opportunity to grow personal and professionally.