Interview with Juani Laiz, HSQE professional at DEPISA

Can you describe your job?

I am part of a team of security coordination of the stop process. Our first task is to make a 5 minute speech to all the workers involved in the stop.

What is the main target of these speeches?

It’s making people aware of the importance of dedicating 5 minutes to security tasks before starting the actual work. We have established guidelines to everyday questions. Depending on the problems or errors detected, these guidelines are modified on demand.

At security level, why is so important to be focused in every little detail?

What we do is to plan ahead the problem, trying to see what could arise.  People are focused on their actual work. We have to watch them to support them and see if they are doing actions that could be harmful. We also answer any questions or doubts.

Is there any typical security error that repeats frequently?

The most common thing we find is the marks are not removed when the job is done. Frequently they remain on, generating confusion. Another important issue is to make people aware enough of the rescue assistant, because they are the most important people on the confined space areas.