First DEPISA industrial-painting course addressed to the unemployed

Last April, DEPISA offered its first industrial painting course addressed to unemployed people. The course was developed by the company and held in the DEPISA facilities in Tarragona. The aim was to give a complete overview of the job to unemployed people as well as those who are employed that might need this training to improve their professional conditions.


During this course, students learned the latest techniques related to surface preparation and the use of anticorrosion coating. Classes also included a technical and practical training that was carried out in the workshop of DEPISA located in Tarragona, as it already had the necessary equipment and approved test tubes, so they could put into practice the techniques they had learned. During the program, students had to pass different daily tests as well as a final test to certify the aptitudes and knowledge they had acquired. 

For this first call, DEPISA offered 10 places and that were immediately covered, proving that this kind of technical trainings are a great opportunity for people who are looking for a job.