Ferran Capell: «Soluciones Reunidas gave me the opportunity to feel useful»

Ferran Capell is just another worker of Soluciones Reunidas. His responsibilities are similar to those of other colleagues in the Barcelona office: administrative tasks, ordering and filing invoices, support Human Resources, etc. His hobbies are similar to those of other 25 year olds: he plays tennis, he studies French, he sings in a choir, he goes out with his friends … But his life is different from most. She has been living in a wheelchair since she suffered an accident in 2013, and she does not want to talk. "I always look forward," he always says with a smile.


Soon you will fulfill your first year in Soluciones Reunidas. What has become of you?
The truth is that I feel valued and try to do my job as well as I know. For me it means to get up with desire, to have an occupation, to feel useful. Someone in a wheelchair does not have that much chance of finding a job. I have been given an opportunity and I hope to take advantage of it.

How did you get to the company?
My family knew the Ferreón family and they told me that they were looking for administrative support. I did not hesitate for a moment. The first day I felt that I was coming to a serious company … all very busy … concentrated … Now I know everyone and I am happy. There is a very good atmosphere. I feel respected and I do too.

Already had experience?
I had only worked at a McDonalds and as a monitor. I started Political Science to understand how the world of politics worked. But in third I left because I believed that I had already fulfilled my expectations and wanted to seek new knowledge outside. I made a break. Although in the future I would like to finish the race.

How is your day?
I arrive at the offices of Soluciones Reunidas at 10am. I move in a motorized chair, which makes it much easier for me to travel. At noon I go home to eat and in the afternoon, two days I go to play tennis. Doing sport with people like you makes you do a lot of pineapple. I have a good time and besides, it is good for health! Two days a week I also study French. And on Thursdays I sing in a choir of the Official School of Languages. We are preparing Amazing Grace style gospel.

And how do you see your future?
With a normal life, simple, without great aspirations … but always trying to improve. I always try to look forward: working, improving, progressing. My motto is "Never change. Only for the better. " I would like to be more autonomous, emancipate myself, find someone … I do not ask anything of the other world, right ?. I would also like to stay in Soluciones Reunidas for a long time. If I get the chance, of course.