Enagas entrusts the anticorrosion treatments of one of its tanks in Barcelona to Depisa

DEPISA accepts a new and far reaching project of anticorrosion treatments. It consists of a huge LNG storage tank (53 m in height and 48 m in diameter with a storage capacity of 80,000 m3 of LNG) that ENAGAS has in its Barcelona plant.

This anticorrosive treatment project will last four months and it will prepare the surfaces using an abrasive jet in the tank’s dome and in the surrounding walkway. After that, the surface will be painted using a specific protection scheme for the marine environment. The envelop will have the same coating layers, but the abrasive jet will be alternated with surface preparations through high-pressure water and mechanical or manual brushing to remove corrosion.

In order to finish the work, it will be necessary to hire some workers specialized in rope access work to do the vertical progression tasks on the dome and envelop. 

News on Oilgas about the project: