Depisa, with presence on four continents


Depisa Coating Solutions, flagship of the Soluciones Reunidas Group of Companies, is a family grown company that offers a wide range of solutions in anti-corrosion treatment, thermal insulation and scaffoldind for the oil&gas, electric and industrial sectors.

Since its foundation in 1969, this specialist in ant-corrosion treatment has broaden, diversified and complemented its service portfolio, from anti-corrosion in the naval sector, blasting and industrial painting till  felling and pruning of pathways in hv power lines and oleo-hydraulic circuits, including scaffolding and rope access works.

This way, Depisa has been building a wide portfolio of customers, its main endorsement, in which companies like REPSOL, CEPSA, BP, BASF, IBERDROLA, ENAGAS, CLH and REE can be found. The commitment and the customers trust had lead Depisa to become the family grown company leader nationwide on its activities, becoming fully consolidated on the sector.

Depisa financial solvency is credited by its equity capital, with a 60% of financial asset according to the CESCE report,  100% family capital and a record of more than 45 years of sustained growth and benefit.

Depisa has a healthy financial situation thanks to the efficient company management and stability, after finishing successfully the managing transfer to the new CEO Oscar Ferreon, former International Expansion director.  Javier Ferreon becomes the Soluciones Reunidas group chairman. This relay is mainly focused in the internationalization process of the company, led initially by Oscar Ferreon in 2013. This allows Depisa deploy its activities in three continents, thanks to several joint venture agreements.

Miguel Ángel Monroy , Balbino Fernández and Blas Martínez complete the Depisa board of directors. They accumulate more than 50 years of experience and know-how in a highly specialized sector.

Depisa has a highly qualified staff that if constantly growing in number. The continuous training of its staff is actually one of the pillars in which the competitiveness of the company resides. With an established craft school, Depisa periodically plans technical seminars and conferences y and creates career plans for its managers, based on foreseeing the future needs of this sector.

All of this configures a cohesive and integrated human group, technically solvent and highly effective, specialized in project its know-how to their customers in their own facilities (customer’s coaching), accompanying them in their projects, to the point of integrating their team to guarantee optimum results, becoming their trusty partner. This is possible because Depisa is an independent service provider with freedom and decision-making power, and does not depend on any industrial corporation that could interfere on its accompanying vocation with its customers.


With this same criteria, Depisa can follow its investment in technological improvement and constant evolution – bechmarking with international partnership-, looking for the highest value solutions for their customers, in order to improve the operation of their activities or facilities, thinking of profit and environmental sustainability.

 Oscar Ferreon, CEO of Depisa, highlights the company ability to start and manage projects, mature ideas and generate synergies anywhere in the world, based on know-how and technological resources: “We transform problems in opportunities, we bring solutions, with values like honesty and integrity in mind, fulfilling the commitments, respecting people and preserving our environment”. 

Depisa has facilities in Asturias, Cádiz, A Coruña, Barcelona, Madrid, Castellón and Tarragona, and provides services to North Africa from Morocco, Middle East frorm Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, and Latin America from Panamá and Perú. 
""   Oscar Ferreon, formalizing the colaboration agreement in Saudi Arabia.