Depisa protects 20,000 m2 of high-voltage pylons in Salamanca

To access the danger zones, coordination and planning of the removal of the electrical load, and highly skilled professionals in work at heights, were required

At the end of August, Depisa completed the surface preparation and painting works for a section of high-voltage pylons in Salamanca province, near the Portuguese border.

Due to the project’s complexity, works during the removal of the electrical load phase were necessary to access the risk areas. Up to 15 professionals with expertise in work at heights and near voltage took part in the project.

Specifically, around 20,000 m2 of towers were painted with the aim of protecting the steel from the damaging effects of corrosion. The works involved the cleaning, epoxy primer coating, sealing and polyurethane finish of the 220-kV high-voltage pylons’ structure.

Depisa has met strict project deadlines, complying with the quality and safety standards requested by the client.