VCA Certification, the Standard that verifies safety, health and environment standards for contractor companies (SHE).

Depisa Nederland B. V. obtains the Dutch VCA certification

The subsidiary of Soluciones Reunidas group in the Netherlands has obtained the VCA certification, the standard that guarantees that the company follows rigorous safety procedures when carrying out the work under healthy and sustainable for its workers and the environment.

VCA Certification

With more than 1.5 million qualified professionals and 15,000 certified companies in the last 25 years, the Dutch VCA Certification is the Standard that governs the safety standards for the performance of work and those who perform it.

This Standard verifies the safety, health and environmental standards for contractor companies (SHE) and is focused on companies that carry out work in hazardous environments, such as maintenance work in industrial sites. Such a standard is increasingly required to work in the Oil&Gas, petrochemical, mining, power generation and distribution, wind, naval and offshore sectors, among others, in different European countries.

The VCA Standard is a system equivalent to ISO 9001, Oshas 18001 and 14001 Standards, which certifies that companies comply with strict criteria and standards in the aforementioned matters. Being accredited in the VCA is a condition for contracting with third parties, since companies require this certification to undertake their projects.

The VCA certification ensures that Depisa Nederland B.V. complies with the standards for safe, quality and environmentally friendly work in all the projects it carries out.

Depisa Nederland

Depisa Nederland obtiene la certificación VCA

Depisa Nederland B.V., which is Depisa’s subsidiary in the Netherlands, was established in 2020 and represents Soluciones Reunidas group commitment to cover its future activity in northern Europe.

Depisa, specialized in surface treatments and industrial coatings, has a supply of equipment and perfectly trained and certified personnel to carry out surface preparations and the application of protective coatings.

Since its inception in 1969, Depisa has been characterized by its commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, safety, meeting deadlines and respect for the environment. The company has always offered its customers the most innovative and sustainable solutions on the market, so that they can implement the most effective maintenance work in their plants and equipment.

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