Depisa involved in repairing the Pío XII tunnel in Madrid

Depisa has been involved in repairing the Pío XII tunnel in Madrid, rehabilitating the tunnel roof’s steel beams, affected by rust and erosion. This process saw the leading anti-corrosion treatment company prepare the surface and coat the structure with the aim of preventing future water filtrations and consequently preserve the integrity of the materials.

Numerous ancillary maintenance companies have been involved in the Pío XII tunnel conditioning works, including Depisa. The work coordinators, Spain’s state-owned railway infrastructure company (ADIF), completed the essential repairs and waterproofed the berth supporting the tracks, thereby ensuring structural stability for the next 15 years.

Built in the 60s, the erosion of the Pío XII bridge resulted in deterioration of the beams, endangering the structure’s stability, which could affect rail traffic.