Depisa innovates with a new production team: TANK COATING PLANT

The technical team of Depisa has released a novel system of shot blasting that allows to reduce the time of execution and to increase the quality of the jet in the process of surface preparation of the substrate. It’s a team with a greater efficiency in the management of the grit, the flow and the air quality of the compressors towards the nozzles of the jet, providing a more laminar flow of the air, filtering the air better and increasing the quality of the whole process.

The new system (Tank Coating Plant, TCP), consists on a large silo that can feed up to 4 sand blasting machines to the air hoses that the operators use to treat the surface connexion. This new system allows the implementation of this new equipment to be faster and effective than the traditional systems. The TCP is a R & D & I project of Depisa that has received financial support from DCTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development).


The TCP has been successfully launched at the Petronor plant in Bilbao, specifically in the TK-307 tank works. With this new development of production equipment, Depisa demonstrates and confirms that it’s the leadership in the introduction of cutting-edge techniques for anticorrosion treatments in Spain.

Petronor, Spain’s largest refinery

The works of Depisa at the Petronor plant in Bilbao are part of the work plan that the refinery has started in 2017, coinciding with the biggest stop in the history, affecting three quarters of it’s facilities and involving 55 more companies Of one thousand daily workers. The Petronor refinery in Bilbao covers an area of 220 hectares with a production potential of 11 million tonnes / year and exports more than a third of their production.