Depisa in Belgium

The expert Depisa professionals are working in the Antwerp harbor (Belgium) in the delivery phase of more than 4.900 m2 of structures for the biggest TOTAL refinery in Europe.

The project started with the prefabrication phase in Tarragona, where anticorrosion coatings where applied to more than 4.900 m2 of structures, 1.200 pipe tons and 8.000 kg of supports, all of them designed and built by Técnicas Reunidas, experts in engineering and building since 1960. This huge volume of structures has been moved to the TOTAL refinery in Belgium.

The treatment and painting of the pieces to obtain the anticorrosive coating which reaches TOTAL high requirements is key in the Antwerp facility. This treatment, done in the DEPISA Tarragona workshop, required a complex space planning due to multilayer treatment that on which one has to respect repainting times and cure of the applied paint.

A highly qualified DEPISA production team has participated in the relocation of the structured through more than 1.400 km where the timing and precision have played a major role to minimize the stock of pieces onsite.


For big projects like this, the Tarragona workshop provides more than 4.000 m2 where DEPISA staff can carry out loading and unloading movements, surface preparation and high performance coating application, and storage of materials until they are relocated, in this case to the Flemish region in Belgium.

The Antwerp refinery is the biggest TOTAL refinery and petrochemical complex in Europe. It produces a great variety of petroleum products, like diesel, petrol, ethylene, propylene, etc.

The maintenance of its infrastructure is vital.


DEPISA warranties the quality of their works to each customer. In this particular case, all the quality testing, including quality reports, where elaborated and supervised under the FROSIO inspection enabled specially for this project.