Depisa finishes with success the first fireproofing treatment based on Chartek Epoxy


Depisa has coated the legs of two spheres with Chartek 7, a high resistance coating system which provides excellent durability, anticorrosion protection and fireproofing. A system design with for the protection of steel, aluminum and other materials from fires provoked by hydrocarbon with or without explosion.



DEPISA is one of the few Spanish companies approved by the Chartek manufacturer for its application, having attended training and certification in the Chartek Fireproofing Systems. The certification process consisted on theoretical and practical training of the best Depisa professionals.

The fireproof coating with Chartek Epoxy was applied to 2 of the gas storage spheres from the plant. During the treatment, the works were performed under the inspection of the International Quality Department to warrant the quality of the process.