Depisa fights the microbiological tank corrosion with new solutions

The company has specialized services to select and apply coatings based on the surface preparation and application of technical materials like phenolic epoxy 100% volume solids. It also applies new technology as the mastic or last generation composites for the reconstruction and restoration of the sheet thickness on tank bottoms.

To ensure the process quality, DEPISA also prepares surfaces through blasting with selected abrasives for bottoms with frequent corrosion zones due to bites. Another technique is cleaning with high pressure fresh water, eliminating sewage, sediments and pollutants in small cavities.



The corrosion issue


Fuels are hydrocarbon compositions that contain water. This combination is just perfect for microorganisms:  the water allows the microorganisms to germinate. The carbon gives them food, the oxygen and sulphur make possible their breathing and the trace elements cause their spreading.

That is the reason why fuel tanks are exposed to microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts and moulds. In contact with condensed water, the microorganisms reproduce and in the case or turbulence within the tank, they can blend directly with the fuel.

If any of these situations arises, the moulds, yeasts and bacteria will lead to tank corrosion, caused mainly by the huge amount of inorganic acids produced by bacteria and moulds. This kind of corrosion leads to pitting is specific places of the metal. In short time, the thickness of the metal sheet is affected and in some cases leaks are produced.


DEPISA and Soluciones Reunidas in fast-growing expansion


Depisa is part of the Soluciones Reunidas group, which is facing an ambitious expansion plan to duplicate its sales in five years. A plan based on new international projects and acquisitions. This 2016 the group has acquired the scaffolding division of Mecanotubo extending its portfolio of services to the industry.

Depisa, its flagship company, has 45 years of experience and leads the market with anticorrosion treatments for the Oil&Gas, generation and distribution of energy, mining and general industry sectors. It has workshops and blasting facilities in Asturias, Cádiz, A Coruña, Barcelona, Madrid, Castellón and Tarragona. It covers North Africa from Morocco, Middle East from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, and Latin America from Panama. The company never hesitates to accompany their customers abroad to grow.

Soluciones Reunidas has about 400 specialized workers. Their strong point is, so to speak, the technical staff.  They offer a high quality, highly specialized service with a close management along with the customer. Depisa has awarded the trust of key players like Repsol, Gas Natural, Endesa, Iberdrola, Cepsa, BP, Galp, Enagas, Dow, BASF, etc.  Depisa has been working with some of them for more than 20 years since its creation as a family company in 1969.