Depisa consolidates good practices in a Surface Preparation and Paint Application Training course

The corporate headquarters of Soluciones Reunidas in Barcelona was the location chosen by Depisa to hold the first internal training course, focusing on “good practices” in Surface Preparation and Manual Paint Application gathered through almost 50 years of accumulated experience. These were included in the training programmes of the SSPC (The Society for Protective Coatings), which the company forms part of. This training is vital to the company’s activity and therefore has been attended by managers and site supervisors from all the Depisa Business Units in Spain, bringing together and sharing the experiences of the different work centres.

The training course was held in October and lasted for three days. The course was part of the Group’s Ongoing Training Plan, which included key Depisa elements: investment in high levels of specialisation for all company employees and their professional development, excellence in security and being fully committed to the service provided to our customers.

Two company trainers certified by FROSIO and/or NACE and with extensive experience and background in the development of site projects were in charge of teaching the course, which featured a theoretical part and a practical part, which used test specimens standardised internationally by the ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials).

Among other content of interest, the training team particularly highlighted new advances and surface preparation variants with manual tools capable of obtaining the most demanding levels of cleanliness, manual application of high-performance coating, cleaned using pressurised water and advances in cutting-edge tools and machinery.

The Surface Preparation and Manual Paint Application course confirms the active role that the company is playing in technical training. Aware that updating knowledge is key to improving processes and boosting customer satisfaction, the meeting provided the ideal opportunity to share experiences and good practices collected in the Oil & Gas, electricity, industrial and naval sectors from all the Business Units. The next meeting is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.