Depisa concludes painting works on the Pontevedra Bridge, in Redondela (Galicia)

The historical Pontevedra Bridge, in Redondela (Galicia), is in a highly populated and busy urban environment, full of commercial activity. The fact that trains also continuously run has made this project a real challenge for Depisa’s workers, who have performed bridge maintenance works at height, living alongside the local residents and the constant train traffic.


To be precise, Depisa has carried out surface preparation with abrasive blasting and mechanical brushing. 5,000 litres of paint were then applied to almost 7,500 square metres of this metal bridge, inaugurated in 1884 and measuring 149 metres in length.


The viaduct is in the urban centre of this Galician town, and currently serves the Redondela-Pontevedra train line, which is 19 kilometres long. Medium distance trains also pass over the viaduct, as does the Rías Gallegas overnight Hotel train, the Talgo intercity train and several freight trains.


For this project, which has taken 8 months, Depisa allocated a team of highly qualified specialists which, through their coordination and professionalism, have been able to meet the highest standards of safety and quality required by Adif (Spanish state-owned rail company) to carry out this project.