Depisa completes the shutdown works at the Repsol refinery in A Coruña

The shutdown has involved putting the plant out of service for the maintenance and improvement of several production units

The main problem for this project has been performing different jobs, in just over a month, with the participation of over 50 people, in specific areas of the plant, and in coordination with the different services.

The shutdown of the Repsol refinery in A Coruña took 36 days. In this period, Depisa has performed cleaning works and surface preparation on different types of equipment, elements and structures; and the subsequent protective coatings, and fireproofing. The works have specifically focused on improving the coke units, vacuum equipment and amines-2 and HDS-3 processing areas.

For this project, Depisa has deployed a highly qualified team of specialists, more than 50 people, and has used over 10,000 litres of paint.

For over 10 years, Repsol has placed its trust in Depisa for doing works of this kind at the A Coruña refinery, in which time a joint know-how has been developed, based on a commitment to the maximum technical and safety requirements, and providing an ongoing improvement in procedures to guarantee compliance of the strictest implementation periods.