DEPISA, awarded for its works for the TOTAL refinery in Antwerp (Belgium)

TOTAL and Técnicas Reunidas engineering have awarded Depisa the best subcontractor in the OPTARA project, which takes place in the port of Antwerp (Belgium). This is recognition for their outstanding performance and contribution to the project. In addition, a special mention is also made of one of the members of the team, Florencio Torres.

DEPISA’s work for the TOTAL OPTARA project began in Tarragona, where anti-corrosion treatments were applied to more than 4,900 m² of structures, 1,200 tonnes of pipe and 8,000 kg of supports designed and built by Técnicas Reunidas, experts in engineering and construction Industrial engineering since 1960. DEPISA’s professional experts have been working in the port of Antwerp (Belgium) for a few months, delivering more than 4,900 m² of structures for the largest TOTAL refinery in Europe. This petrochemical complex produces a wide variety of petroleum products such as diesel, gasoline, ethylene or propylene, etc.

A highly qualified production team from DEPISA has participated in the relocation of the structures which has involved a journey of more than 1,400 km of distance in which the precision and organization of logistics have played a very important role in minimizing the stock of parts On-site.