Congratulations to Jonathan Santana for gaining NACE 3 certification

The Depisa manager in Barcelona is only the second person in Spain to attain this level of specialisation in industry and marine

Depisa would like to congratulate Jonathan Santana, head of the business unit in the Barcelona area, for this achievement and his commitment to continuously improving.

Santana has been certified as a coating specialist with the third and highest NACE level, with the specializations of industry and marine. Jonathan Santana, who joined Depisa over 10 years ago and has been the delegate in the Barcelona area since 2016, is the seventh person in Spain to acquire NACE level 3 and the second with the specializations of industry and marine.

Depisa has therefore become the first and only company to apply corrosion protection coating to have a specialist with this level of certification.

This prestigious certification is designed to acknowledge the leaders in the corrosion protection field. A level 3 coating inspector has the highest level of specialisation in corrosion, surface preparation, cleaning, environmental conditions, test instruments, coating mixtures and security.

NACE International (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) is the most important global institution for corrosion control solutions. To attain the NACE 3 level, over 5 years of experience in coating must be accredited, and certification must have been gained first in levels 1 and 2.